Using a recognised SOSTAC® planning technique, current activities are established and future objectives set, along with activities to be executed and appropriate monitoring.

An honest appraisal is conducted with suggestions put forward on the basis of a decade of digital marketing experience, not the view of a fantasist selling unrealistic dreams!

Whilst digital marketing is the major consideration, existing more traditional approaches will not simply be ignored or discarded. The possibility of integrating both will be established to assess feasibility.

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Social Media Strategy

If an overall digital marketing plan isn’t required, social media can be focussed on specifically.

I have been helping SMEs increase both turnover and bottom-line through implementing effective social media approaches relevant to their target audience for many years.

My efforts have been recognised by the globally recognised social media management tool Hootsuite naming me an “Ambassador of Social” in this dedicated blog post.

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Don’t have time for "social media"?

I can help with scheduling and encouraging engagement of posts by representing your brand, basically practicing with I preach from an operational perspective. Contact me to discuss feasible solutions.